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Arcade system develop

Hello!, we are happy to start our own blog about Axell`s development projects which we hope everyone can enjoy not only in Japan but all over the world.

First, Axell Inc. specializes in the development of IoT products and improvement services for different kinds of entertainment businesses. At this moment our most known project is the “Dendama” a IoT device that can detect all kind of kendama tricks and can be put to use in different ways such as part of an arcade video game!

Today I’m happy to write a bit about Axell’s newest product: the arcade game “Dendama +”. After we created the Dendama IoT, the next step was figuring out the best way to display the data and use it as part of a digital interface.

The first platform chosen for this project was a mobile OS, however, in order to create a community of players and in accordance to the Game Center goals, we decided to create an original Arcade machine that would be connected with the player’s Dendama. It was pretty difficult to build the architecture and develop the logic/system for a local business but thanks to our specialized team we accomplished the goal of creating and installing the system in our bar (REID shibuya) .

The Arcade has been created using not C++ but JavaScript with Node.js as a server making it easy to create, edit and add games or updates. All the database and architecture has been set up to work in a cloud service making it easy to manage, control and update the source. The base programming language is JavaScript but we also added additional features using different languages. The buttons and hardware are build in ways that reduced cost. The arcade and our main servers are connected with each other using the internet and not as intranet. By using technologies such as web sockets we keep the Arcade updated and ready for the next players.

Today we are working in improvements and the creation of games for this new platform. Different kind of games can be created using the data received by the Dendama and connect the same data to the mobile app (working in a bigger infrastructure) .

We are very busy working daily in those improvements but if you are a developer and wants to join this project, we will be happy to talk with you and see how we can work to add your game to the arcade !!

From now on I will start to write with more details about our games and other products so try to keep in touch with us using our social networks or contact us by email:

Thanks for reading and wait for the next post!