DENDAMA game ONE TRY CHALLENGE with a drink!

Hi! Kozorof here!
We at AXELL Corporation developed an IoT smart toy called “DENDAMA,” which has sensors that can judge any Kendama trick done by the player. If you know kendama tricks or you are a beginner this device will help you not only to learn more tricks but at the same time play many fun games using the mobile application.

We think that Kendama and alcohol are a great match that’s why we run a Bar in the center of Shibuya called RE/D(REID) where you can try different kinds of Kendama and even use the smart DENDAMA to learn tricks or play with your friends while drinking. There are a lot of darts players who also play with our kendamas/DENDAMAs playing “punishment games” where the person who fails doing a trick get an alcohol shoot. We just released a new game for the arcade DENDAMA+ called “ONE TRY CHALLENGE” to challenge you to make a trick in just one try, if you fail as a punishment you must drink a shoot!

If you don’t know where our bar is located, please click here for the location and system of RE/D.
If you have DENDAMA, you can now play this game on the DENDAMA app, so try it out with your friends!


This is a simple game in which you can play a Kendama Trick in one try. The rules are simple! One by one, each person tries accomplishing the trick. if you succeed in one try, you win, otherwise you lose, that’s it!

How to play

(2)Enter the PARTY menu of arcade “DENDAMA+” and display the game.

Go to TOP MENU > PARTY > One try Challenge

(3)Those who participate in the game will put a ball on the Bigcup.
Take your DENDAMA and put the ball on the Bigcup. You can put it on the bigcup by hand.

If you have a DENDAMA card, insert it so you can get points which you can exchange later in the counter!

(4)Select a Trick to try.

You can choose from Big cup, Base cup and Spike.

Each Trick can be found in these videos.

(5)You and your friends will be challenge by turns.

The countdown will start, and you’ll be challenged afterwards.

The person who succeeds wins and the person who fails loses.

(6)If you are a loser, you must drink!

You can play this game on DENDAMA app!

In order to play this game with your app you need a DENDAMA which you can buy online or at the bar. This game is available to play to everyone!

The app is compatible with smartphones and tablets and it is FREE.


How to play
(1)Connect the DENDAMA to the application.

Press the radio frequency-like icon in the upper right corner of the app to get to the connection screen, turn on the DENDAMA switch and press “Search”.

If you are playing with two people, connect the first one and then turn on the other DENDAMA’s switch and connect it to the other one.

(2)Enter the GAME menu of the app and view the game.

Press “START” to proceed

You can then look for the game in the “games section” and follow the instructions.

(3)If you lose , don’t forget to drink!

It’s a pretty simple game, so even if you’ve never played DENDAMA or KENDAMA before, you can play it right away!

It’s a great game for beginners. There are many more mini-games that you can play with just a few simple tricks, so we’ll keep you posted!