Let’s earn DENDAMILEs at DENDAMA bar Shibuya!

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We’ve started a new rewards point system called DENDAMILE at DENDAMA&DARTS RE/D bar (see the location here).

DENDAMILE main features:
・You can get 10 points(miles) each time you play any DENDAMA game in the Arcade (Only 10 miles daily).
・Earning miles let you exchange them for drinks, DENDAMAs or many wonderful goods.

Let’s get DENDAMILEs!

Each time that you play any game in the arcade “DENDAMA+(DENDAMA Plus)” you will get 10 miles.

We have two DENDAMA+ arcade machine at the bar, each one with 4 DENDAMAs to play with your friends while drinking your favorite beer/soft drink.

In order to earn the miles, you need a “DENDAMA card” which you can buy for 500 yens at the counter. You not only can earn miles with the card but also test your kendama skills with the official KENDAMA examination (sponsored by GLOKEN). This exam can grant you with an official Professional certification!

You can choose from four card designs!

You need to put the card in the correct card slot of your DENDAMA on the arcade.

You will only get miles playing the games under the following sections:
・Games in the “GAMES” menu
・Games in the “PARTY” menu
Other contents are not covered.

In each game result screen, it will show up a notice telling you how many points you got.

You can earn 10 miles per play.
You can only earn miles once per day.

Earn miles and exchange them for amazing goods!

Once you have accumulated miles, you can exchange them for the following goods (July 2020)

50 miles, one soft drink or an original badge
100 miles, one drink (Bar staff choices what kind of drink)
300 miles, Original T-Shirt or Original Cap
500 miles, Kendama holder or dart item (the dart item is a surprise!)
700 miles, DENDAMA, barrels, your favorite kendama, and other high-end goodies (Ask to the staff which goods are available)
1000 miles, Any champagne you like.

You get one drink after five visits, so why not go for it ?!

She got a soft drink!

If you want to use your miles, just present your card to the bar staff.

Connect your card with the DENDAMA app to get more fun!!

Once you get your card, I suggest you to link it with the DENDAMA app! It’s free to download. The app has more games and also the exam to become a professional DENDAMA player. For more information visit this page.


Once it is installed, the tutorial will start, but if you don’t have DENDAMA yet, try restarting the app and you can skip the tutorial!

To check your DENDAMA card info:
Go to “MENU” > “DENDAMA Card Info” in the app to get to the card information registration.

Push”DENDAMA Card Info”
The “add card” menu will appear.
You’ll find the card number on the back of your DENDAMA card.

Enter the card number written on the back of the card and register. You can also add your personal player tag (name) for your card!!

You can check your miles you’ve got so far in this menu.

If you register your name on the card, your name will also be displayed on DENDAMA+.

As soon as you put your card in the slot, it shows your name!
Your name is also displayed in the game.

Until Friday, July 31, you can get for free a DENDAMA card!

The RE/D bar is currently undergoing a renewal campaign and until Friday, July 31, If you pay the price of 2,500 yen or more for eating and drinking, we’ll give you a DENDAMA card!

Starting in July, the RE/D bar will be offering darts and DENDAMA play all day for 1,000 yen (tax included)! You must order the one drink or all-you-can-drink plan, but the all-you-can-drink plan is also quite affordable, so be sure to check it out! Check out the RE/D website for more information!

We’ll be waiting for you at RE/D…