Hey you guys! I’m Shiromochi, AXELL’s publicist. The guys who play DENDAMA are usually my friends! The other day, I wanted to a Western-style restaurant called Mont Blanc that served a great hamburger steak. But actually I’ve entered a cafe called The Mountain, it was two doors down from Mont Blanc.. I thought it was a bit something strange. When I left the cafe after finishing taking my ice cream and Shiratama Zenzai, I was so pleased with myself. When I went out the cafe called Mountain, There was the cafe that I wanted to go to.
Then, I shouted “VAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!”. I was really surprised that I made a noise like a noob character in Donkey Kong on the SNES. I was shocked to see that the only thing that matched was the five letters in Japanese. be careful! I was surprised that I made a noise like a small fish character in Donkey Kong on the SNES.I was shocked that I only matched the number of letters in Japanese. You guys be careful!

I’ll explain the online battles you can play on the DENDAMA app!

If you are the person who don’t know DENDAMA…? If that’s the case,look here!


It’s a networked competitive mode that can be played on the DENDAMA app.
Even if you’re far away, you can still play games together with DENDAMA with your friends!

The new coronavirus has made us go online, right?
I think many things like online classes and online drinking have moved from the real world to online.
Many of you may have realized how nice it is to be able to connect with people even at home.

And DENDAMA has been online since four years ago…!

We’re also doing the “DENDAMA Online Battle” event.

The app also offers official Kendama test ,practice, and others. So, be sure to download it guys!

For Android users, click here.▼

For iOS users, click here.▼


Just easy 3 steps to join online competition!

Select “GAME” from the top menu.

Choose to play ATTACK OR CURE or RUSH HOUR online

Enter your room name

In this case, select “ATTACK OR CURE” from the GAME selection screen.
Select Online Play.
Check the rating and select “START”.

Now you can match up with anyone on online!

You can play together with your friends.
One person creates a room and the other person enters the room number to meet up and get into the same room!

You can meet up with them by entering the room number after you click “Create Room” in the lower right corner.

Let’s find out the name of the room.

Currently, we provide two games, ATTACK or CURE and RUSH HOUR, are compatible with online. but we have a plan to increase online games in the future…!

We’re streaming online battles!

Every Wednesday from 7:30 to 8 p.m. on YouTube
I’m streaming an online battle.
Let’s play against me “Shiromochi”!!!!

I’ll be waiting for you.