Dendama Bar RE/D reopening campaign with great deals for you!

Hello! It’s me, Shiromoshi , How are you doing? I am so happy that the crowdfunding for the Shibuya Mystery Solving Event has reached its goal. Thank you all for your support…!
We’re so excited for the reopening of the DENDAMA&DARTS RE/D bar in Shibuya the next July 1th so let me teach you about our RE/D renewal campaign.

…but before that 


You can see this sign from the scramble crossing!

DENDAMA & DARTS RE/D opened on August 10, 2019, it’s a new amusement bar with craft beer, darts and the unique DENDAMA (IoT device based in the Japanese toy “kendama”)!

REID main features:

  1. Excellent location in front of Shibuya Station. The store is located only 20 seconds away from the Station`s exit A6
  2. You can play with Kendama  ( a traditional wood toy)
  3. Try our exclusive video games using the DENDAMA Arcade.
  4. Test your aim playing soft darts with the soft dart machines. There are many interesting games to play! Look the link  below for more information
  5. Free Wi-Fi and charging outlets are available!
  6. Smoking is allowed!

We were temporarily closed following the declaration of a state of emergency.
However, during the closure, we went through a renovation to make it even more amazing.
We will reopen on Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 12:00 noon.

To learn more, please visit the RE/D website.

Renewal Campaign from Wednesday, July 1 to Tuesday, July 7!

We will have great offers that will last a whole week after the reopening.
You may drink and play with the darts machine from opening until the store close only for 3000 yen!! Also, we are giving away to anyone who enters the bar an exclusive DENDAMA card!
With the card, you can earn points from our DENDAMA arcade and exchange those points for drinks or exclusive goods at the counter.


If you haven’t tried yet our DENDAMA it will be the perfect opportunity to try it.  You can buy one in the bar and download our app to check your earned points and play many other games in your smartphone, all for free!


Just remember:

  • one card by person.
  • After you play any of the games in the dendama Arcade you will get only 10 points by day.

I will be also in the bar for a while during the weekends from 12-3pm.
I will be waiting for you to talk and drink, see you there!