Shibuya After Dark – Creating a horror game for Dendama + (Arcade game)

horror game

Since I entered to Axell inc. each day has been a challenge to me because I need to learn new technologies and how to make other kind of apps rather than websites.

One of my first assignments was to create a new Game for both platforms, mobile and arcade, which could be fun but different to any of the previous games. At that time, we were near to Halloween season, so my idea was to create a horror game!

Dendama architecture is very big and kind of complicated so it took me a while to create the game.  I wanted to create a novel story game but after some feedbacks we ended creating just a simple battle game. 

The official name of the game is “SHIBUYA AFTER DARK”, the game introduces you to a world in Shibuya infected by monsters and zombies everyone. Your mission will be survive using Dendama tricks to defeat all the enemies.

The game is divided in 4 levels of difficulty:


Trick accomplished: 10pts

Tricks to perform: bigCup, smallCup, baseCup


Trick accomplished: 30pts

Tricks for to perform: smallCup_bigCup, bigCup_baseCup, baseCup_bigCup, pullupSpike


Trick accomplished: 50pts

Tricks for to perform: aroundTheWorld, lighthouse, airplane, swingSpike


Trick accomplished: 70pts

Tricks for to perform: jstick, swingSpike_earthTurn, lighthouse_fallingIn, orbit

How the game – device – arcade operates?

All three are connected by Bluetooth and a network which communicates with our database and necessary files.

Cloud services used for IoT games

Thanks to the sensors in the DENDAMA, the trick made by the player is passed to the arcade app using Bluetooth connection after this the name is compared against the complete list of tricks , if the code for processing and it returns to the arcade app the response which could be true/false depending on the displayed trick on the monsters.

In simple words, each monster has a name of trick in alphabet which we compare with the trick made by the player, if it is the correct trick you kill the monster!

Where are the tricks and data stored?

We have a big database with all the registered tricks used in each game, right now we have more than 50 tricks registered, and we will continue register more according to the needs.

There are so many tricks that you can do with the DENDAMA so it’s a big challenge to get the correct pattern for each trick and save it as data to use later.

Some tricks are very difficult to register since they start or have other tricks inside, for example Around the World which use all 4 basic tricks bigCup, smallcup, Basecup and PullupSpike (tomeken). For this cases, we use more than one variable to keep tracking of all realized tricks.

Shibuya after dark is just one example of how we create games for this “console” but we are in constantly updates to make sure you get a better experience with our DENDAMA arcade.

You can try by free the arcade at REID in Shibuya so don’t miss the opportunity to try it!

Also you can buy your dendama to play with our mobile app here.

The next time I will try to explain a little bit more of coding with other game as example.

See you.