Welcome to the ShibuyAHA!Puzzle Tour through the streets of Shibuya!

Hi, my name is Kozorof, I’m in charge of the public relations department at AXELL Corporation.
We work in many projectws and one of them is a bar called “DENDAMA&DARTS RE/D” located in front of the scramble crossing in Shibuya. At the bar you can try our IoT device called DENDAMA which allow you to play different games on the arcade machine or if you prefer you can play with the soft darts machines.


The bar is currently closed following the government’s declaration of a state of emergency due to COVID-19, and will reopen on Wednesday, July 1st. However, we have taken this time to renovate the place adding more dart machines and other improvements to make sure you can enjoy your visit.
By the way, RE/D is pronounced “REID”. It’s not red, haha.

One of the main events for the reopening is a walk through Shibuya’s streets while you try to slove interesting riddles. ‘ShibuyAHA!Puzzle Tour’!

What’s ShibuyAHA!Puzzle Tour?

To participate in this tour, you will need to purchase a 2500-2000 yen special kit on the event website (more details below) and pick up it in any of the distributions’ stores located in Shibuya. The kit includes a Shibuya map and a riddle book which you will use to find the spots which give you clues to slove the riddles.

Click here to see the main roundabout spots!
DENDAMA&DARTS RE/D (You can enjoy DENDAMA and darts)
T4 TOKYO (Table tennis-themed cafe and restaurant)
SHIBU NIWA (Stylish square on the 17th floor of Tokyu Plaza)
shibuya-san (A tourist information center where people from around the world and locals can interact)
*shibuya-san will appear in the “Additional Mysteries” section of the crowdfunding event described below.

Other famous spots in Shibuya, such as the area around Hachiko, will also be featured.

Time limit: None (estimated time 2 to 3 hours)
Number of participants: A minimum of one person is allowed.
Duration:Wednesday, July 1st to Monday, August 31 2020
 Please see the official website for more information about the distribution of the kit and when and where it will be available.

Get the kit first. If you buy it through crowdfunding, you will get a pretty good deal!

If you’re interested in attending to this event, please get your hands on a special kit.
Here’s how to get it.
(1) Buy it through crowdfunding (recommended!)
(2) Buy online and pick up in store
(3) Purchase at store
The best value for money is (1).

(1) Crowdfunding purchases.

We are currently running a crowdfunding project on CAMPFIRE to promote this project.

The regular price for this kit is 2,500 yen (including tax). If you apply for the Crowdfunding plan, you will receive a discount of 500 yen from the regular price of 2,500 yen. The plan includes a kit and a DENDAMA will be offered for only 5000 yen!! (Regular price is 11778 yen). Saving 6000 in your purchase! Don’t miss out this great deal.
We have a lot of great return plans including a cafe coupon set, so be sure to check it out now!

(2) Purchase online
In advance, If you purchase on the official Puzzle Tour website, you can get a 250 yen discount for 2,250 yen! .

(3) Purchase in store
Do you want participate but your friend does not have a kit? No problem! you can buy it when you arrive at a store. This will be the regular price of 2500 yen (tax included).

Please note that for both plans, you’ll be able to pick up the riddle kit in-store! There is no prior mailing.

The following two stores are available to receive the kit.

Once you’ve got your kit, you can go play in the streets of Shibuya!

There is no set order to visit each spot. You can start from any spot. In RE/D you can use the “DENDAMA Arcade Machine” to solve the mystery.
We would be more than glad to assist you playing DENDAMA while you taste any of our draft beers or special drinks.

Why do we hold a mystery-solving event?

The companies in Shibuya have gathered to create a project to show people the appeal of Shibuya, including interesting shops and spots. But many of the shops in Shibuya were closed due to COVID-19. When the shops are reopened and the streets of Shibuya are up and running again, we want our customers to come back to Shibuya . But we can’t hold an event where people are concentrated in one place. So, we’ve created an event that allows you to walk around the city as safely as possible and avoid crowds of people.
If you can, please wear a mask and enjoy solving the riddles while exploring the streets of Shibuya!